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Magicshine MJ-902 2000


Magicshine MJ-902 2000 light review


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This is a new light from Magicshine with a claimed 2,000 lumens — in reality it only achieves half that on full power.

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Like the MJ-908 8000 (tested elsewhere) you do get a mini rear lamp for commuting and roadwork. The main lamp uses an O-ring attachment, which means you need a secondary Velcro-style mount for helmet use; one isn’t included.

It looks a bit of a mess once installed, and the lamp ends up sitting sky high. As a result, we caught the lamp unit several times during testing on overhanging branches.


You have two options for battery mounting — on the back of the helmet or stuffed in a pack. We’d recommend the latter because the long and heavy battery doesn’t really attach neatly to a vent.

To save you searching for the on/off switch, a wireless remote is included with the MJ-902 2000, but it’s quite fat and hard to integrate with the brakes and shifters on the handlebar — we just kept it in a pocket.

The MJ-902 2000 is great value, and bright with a long run time, even on full beam, but the lack of a head mount and the battery shape makes it unsuitable as an off-road helmet light.


Lumens:2,000, 1,000, 750
Run time:3.1, 4.5, 12.3hr