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Lezyne Power Drive 1100 XL


Lezyne Power Drive 1100 XL light review


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All Lezyne lights are all-in-one designs using extruded and machined aluminium housings, which are extremely solid and can easily shrug off knocks.

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Unfortunately the Power Drive 1100 XL is still using the dated ball and socket helmet mount we tested on previous Lezyne lights.

It’s a doddle to fit, but hard to get tight enough and we also struggled attaching the lamp to the stiff clamp.

It’s also too tall, placing the 1100 XL in the firing line of low branches.


Like the Lezyne Deca Drive, the battery is charged using a micro USB, but the socket is hidden in the back of the light and it’s tricky getting the cable plugged in.

The 1100 XL has a good focused beam, with a pool of light flooding the area around the front wheel. It is quite a yellow light, so it isn’t the best for clarity or creating definition on the trail.

On high power, the 1100 XL puts out 33 per cent fewer lumens than claimed, a trait mirrored by the other Lezyne light in this test.

The 1100 XL is great value, solid and lightweight, but is let down by the high-slung mount and low light output.


Lumens:1,100, 650, 450, 150
Run time:1.5, 1.45, 2.4, 8.5hr