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Gemini Titan (8 cell battery) light


Gemini Titan (8 Cell Battery) light review


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With 4,000 lumens under the hood and a terrifically manly name, the Gemini Titan (8 cell battery) promises a lot before you even strap it to the bar.

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Six individual lenses and LEDs mean it is essentially three of the excellent 1,500 lumen Gemini Duos welded together, which we were initially pleased about as the Duo has always fared well in previous tests. The wide and low profile of the head unit is easy to position centrally over the stem with the supplied rubber band mounts, and it all feels wonderfully neat and unobtrusive once in place.

Gemini Titan (8 cell battery)

Out on the trail of course that power does a great job of lighting up the trail for a very usable distance, but we can’t help but be disappointed with the beam pattern. Instead of using those six different lenses to vary between diffuse and focussed beams, they all seem to be identical. That leads to a centre heavy beam with little in the way of close in light spread. The overlap of the six beams also leads to harsh lines and shadow areas that are distracting to the eye. It all feels just a little lazy, relying on sheer lighting power to overcome design shortcomings. It is a light that promises a lot, but could be a whole lot better with just a few minor tweaks.

The battery bag could do with buckles to cinch it tighter too, relying instead on simply pulling the Velcro flap over and securing directly which means we rarely get it satisfactorily tight.


Weight (w/o mounting hardware):566g
Run time/max:2:45 hrs