Packs a punch and you can see far down the trail when riding at speed

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Exposure Six Pack MK7


Exposure Six Pack MK7 light review


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Like all Exposure lights, the Six Pack is an all-in-one design, which means the lamp and battery are contained in a single barrel-shaped body.

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There are no flapping cables or frame-mounting issues and everything is kept together for charging and storage. The only downside of this design is its bulkiness on the bars, and that it can’t be helmet-mounted.

To stop rattles, the lamp fastens to a solid aluminium bar mount, which has been revamped to fit 35mm bars, with an optional shim for 31.8mm handlebars.


One of the great features on the Six Pack is the built in programmability that allows you to swap between manual and automatic or Reflex modes.

The latter adjusts the light output to your speed and attitude. It offers an extra bright 4,500 lumen setting when your speed increases on a descent but it toggles back to preserve battery life when you level out.

You can also access several manual settings with high, medium and low beam.

With over 4,000 lumens on full-beam, the Six Pack packs a punch and you can see far down the trail when riding at speed.

The Six Pack is great value, lightweight and bristling with features — the only way it could be improved is with a Lupine-style app, which might actually be on the cards.


Lumens:3,400, 1,600, 700
Run time:2, 6, 12hr