Packs a punch and you can see far down the trail when riding at speed

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Exposure Six Pack MK9 light review


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Like all their lights, the Exposure Six Pack is an all-in-one design, which means the lamp and battery are contained in a single barrel-shaped body.

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With a profile on the bars not unlike a standard sized Coke can the Six Pack could never be described as miniature but, considering it is a completely integrated unit with battery and light head in one, a bit of bulk can be forgiven. Add into the mix a positively artillery-like firepower of 4750 lumens, 2 hour plus run time and an actual time left/charge state OLED readout on the rear plate, and we are never happier than when on a ride with this guy on the bar. Also, one click of the discreet, bolt tightened mount, and the whole light is off and coming into the house for recharging via USB or it’s own dedicated rapid charger. A very neat and easy light to live with.

Exposure Six Pack Mk9

That 4750 lumen maximum output is only achieved in Reflex+ mode, whereby the light unit intelligently uses various accelerometer and gradient readings to decide on the light power you need. On smooth uphills it will shut down to lower output, sometimes quite alarmingly so, but rarely does it set a foot wrong and leave you with less light than required when the going gets rough. We find a quick jiggle of the bars helps if you want a quick increase in power too.

Of course you can choose a manual mode with constant light output, but the maximum here is 3600 lumens – still more than enough for anyone, and with the superb, smooth and penetrating beam pattern this truly is the light to beat for both features, beam pattern and firepower.


Weight (w/o mounting hardware):422g
Run time/max:2 hrs