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Alpkit Hadron


Alpkit Hadron light review


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The Alpkit Hadron is an excellent option if you are on a budget, particularly if backed up by a helmet mount to sweep up the close in and peripheral work.

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Out the box you have a complete lighting system with the Hadron; uniquely in this test it has a compact rear light wired into the battery through an optional splitter – ie you can leave it off if you like.

The rear unit is bright and can be on solid or flashing, but without an angle wedge included we found it pointed down at the angle of the seatpost and was consequently less effective.

The wireless remote works both front and back lights through two buttons and is easy to work even with thick winter gloves.

The slim and concave battery has rubber bumpers at frame contact points, so it is a pleasure to velcro strap on, as are the rubber band fixtures of the head unit and remote which work perfectly well.

alpkit hadron

Brightness wise, the 2000 lumen claim seems pretty optimistic, with the Alpkit coming in very slightly dimmer than the 1500 lumen Hope R4+..

It is still very acceptable for off-road riding, and sports a softly gradiated beam pattern with no hard lines.

The bulk of the power is thrown down the middle however, with a strong centre hotspot and consequent lack of peripheral vision.

It may be missing some features we would like to see – there is no battery gauge for example – but the basics are there and that price is most definitely right.


Weight:322g (w/o mountain hardware)
Run time:Max 3:12 hrs