Could possibly be the perfect British riding jersey.

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Compound Jersey


  • Effective weather/abrasion protection for the upper body.
  • Lightweight.
  • Understated looks.


  • Jersey can move about under a pack.
  • Protective material can feel odd against the skin.


7Mesh Compound jersey review


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The 7Mesh Compound jersey from the British Columbian brand incorporates features that reflect their commitment to creating practical riding garments.

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7Mesh Compound jersey

The Compound incorporates panels of abrasion resistant material to endow it with added protection against the inevitable hard abuse that riders will give it. This protective panelling also has the bonus of making the Compound pretty windproof and weather resistant.

For British riders this characteristic makes it a very interesting prospect and should put it high up the list for ‘ideal British jersey’.

The chest, shoulders and upper arm panels eliminate the need for a separate windproof layer for cooler and damper rides. This allows for much easier temperature regulation and ultimately makes a much more comfortable riding experience.

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The main body is made of a very lightweight and soft material with a durability that much belies its apparent thinness and breathability.

The windproof chestpanel stops short of the midriff area so riders who wear a pack will find that the waist belt doesn’t cause overheating and clamminess; something that is often found when wearing a full windproof jacket. This clever panelling extends to the completely standard (and very breathable) back panel.

Wearing a hydration pack actually helps to extend the practicality of the jersey, effectively forming a protective layer that mates perfectly with the weather-proof panels.

7Mesh compound

The Compound is also available in this rather fetching Hi Lite Yellow colour scheme.

To test this system I deliberately wore the jersey on its own (with no baselayer) on a damp and cool ride at Brechfa forest.

Despite the obvious rapid cooling when stopped, the immediate protection offered by the windproofing was apparent as soon as riding began; even when descending whilst saturated, I never felt uncomfortably chilled.

The cut is loose and the light weight minimises any movement restrictions. The only cut issue I felt was down to the v-shaped neck leaving an area for the cold to attack.

Due to the lightweight nature of the material the panels can twist around when putting on a pack so you do need to undergo a little ‘rearranging’ before setting off to make sure that the jersey can do its job properly.

The other issue that might put some riders off is the protective material panels are quite ‘crinkly’ and feel a little odd next to the skin, so you might want to wear a baselayer for added comfort.

If you find you overheat too quickly in a full jacket but still hanker after the protection that a jacket can provide, the Compound could well be the perfect compromise for three-season riding.


A clever, practical jersey that really punches above its weight with regards to versatility. 7Mesh have created another winner for British riders.


Sizes:XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colours:Blue Sapphire, Hi Lite Yellow