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Sweet Protection Delirious jacket


Sweet Protection Delirious jacket review


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Jackets don’t come much simpler than the super-clean and unfussy Delirious.

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With no hood, only one phone-sized chest pocket and not even a fleece-lined collar to give a sniff of luxury, it was a purely functional jacket through and through.

As you would expect of a Scandinavian brand that’s no stranger to rain and cold, Sweet Protection has got the basics right — superb Gore Active fabric, no clutter to affect breathability and adjusters at all the entry points.

We found the coarse fabric and plain collar a little cheerless and stiff on damp days though.

Also, when it was zipped all the way up, we noticed the plain fabric started chafing a little, especially over long periods.

On the upside, however, this austere approach did keep the weight down, making this the lightest on test.

A great featherweight jacket then, but at a price we found hard to justify.


Fabric:Gore-Tex Active
Colours:Black, red