Great value lightweight jacket that you could also ride in year-round

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Pace 3x3 jacket


Pace 3×3 jacket review


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The Pace 3×3 jacket is a simple garment cut from a super soft feeling eVent fabric – definitely one of the best fabrics out there.

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The no frills approach keeps it compact for the amount of protection it provides, certainly a candidate for a rear pocket carry if you’re travelling light. But it’s quite heavy for a jacket with no hood.

The fabric proved bombproof throughout the test and excelled in moisture management too – the fabric really is very breathable – though with no venting, it’s a case of pull the sleeves up and unzip the collar when the going does get hot. And the inner fabric is soft and comfortable too so no stickiness on bare skin when wearing a short-sleeved jersey.

pace 3x3 jacket

It has no hood, which is the norm in this class of jacket, but the collar is high, so it’s easy enough to batten down the hatches a bit if it gets really horrible.

The fit (tested size Large) was about perfect – never flappy but happy over a mid-layer when needed. It has no adjustment on the hem – instead relying on elastic – but this proved to be no problem and again saves weight and bulk and while it has a large zip access rear pocket at the back, this only really proved useful when packless.

It’s a great compromise between protection, comfort and packability, and without a doubt one of the toughest jackets tested too. But it does pay a little for this in its weight.


The Pace 3x3 just oozes quality with a no-thrill design that looks clean and keeps it neat and small, and a superb breathable, waterproof fabric. And it comes at a great price too. But it’s heavy for a jacket without a hood and we think most mtbers would rather have a little more protection if they were carrying that much jacket in their packs.