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Osprey Duro Solo Belt


Osprey Duro Solo Belt review


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We have no idea whether bum bags are now cool again, or uncool because they’re too cool, or were never cool in the first place. And honestly we don’t care, because they’re simple, cheap and let you carry the essentials on a quick blast without being encumbered by a massive hydration pack. The Osprey Duro Solo is designed for running, but works brilliantly on the bike thanks to its wide wide belt that remains stable when you’re making shapes. The angled holster holds a 570ml bottle that’s not only squishy, but shaped to fit against your hips, and there’s a clear pocket for sneaking vital glances at your smartphone.

The Osprey Duro Solo Belt is a little bumbag that is really designed for runners, but don’t let that put you off. Invaluable for bikes with cages.

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With its compact size and minimal design it’s a good option for a local loop or tucked under your jersey for trip to the bike park.

The Duro is held in place with a comfortable and wide elasticated waist strap that’s easy to adjust thanks top a big quick-release buckle on the side.

osprey duro solo

The pack has a useful touchscreen smartphone window on the front that lets you use your phone without getting it muddy, and there’s another zipped pocket inside that’ll take a tool and few energy bars.

The main pack body contains a 570ml bottle, cleverly shaped to hug the contours of your lower back – so ergonomic is it that I sometimes ditched the pack and stuff the bottle into a bibshort pocket.

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When it’s in its holster it’s easy to get to, via a side-opening sleeve that’s angled upwards for an easy grab, and held in place with a simple fabric looping strap.


The Osprey Duro Solo Belt is light and comfortable enough to forget it's there, and supremely useful on short rides. It'll tuck away unobtrusively, even proving comfortable next to your skin, and although it's really just a glorified bottle cage I found it invaluable when riding bikes without one.