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Cube Edge Trail


Cube Edge Trail hydration pack


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Cube Edge Trail is a mid capacity pack capable of swallowing everything for a day in the hills. It also adds in a few neat features unique to Cube.

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Cube has worked in conjunction with a famous German rucksack brand to create a concept it calls Natural Fit across all of its packs. Here the emphasis is on making the Edge Trail as comfortable as possible no matter the load and trail conditions. To this end the Edge Trail has one of the most effective back systems for increasing airflow and reducing pressure. Multi-height pads and a wide webbed style hip pad are key to making this possible along with thickly padded shoulder straps. There is a downside to this as the lack of contact makes the pack a little unstable than the Camelbak KUDU Protector 20 over really technical terrain. Causing you to crank the straps a little tighter than is sometimes necessary for optimal comfort.

cube edge trail

Storage is particularly well thought out. Like the K.U.D.U. there is one main compartment for kit stowage, complete with zipped pockets. But the Edge Trail wins out on the front pocket arrangement. Opening out to the side, the mesh compartments are well sized and arranged for all your spares and tools. There’s even a handy pocket at the side of the back panel, perfect for your phone and lift pass. Just like the Camelbak, Cube also includes a rain cover and straps for holding your body armour. One final feature to note is the wide opening helmet carry. On the inside it’s printed with lots of handy safety information that could help in case of an emergency.

The Edge Trail’s back protector is also CE certified. Although not to the same level and not as full coverage as the K.U.D.U.’s protector, the SaS-Tec branded padding will protect the spinal area from impacts. It can be removed if you so wish, but it adds minimal weight.


With minimal weight penalty over most standard packs, we would opt to use the Edge Trail over a non-protecting pack any day.


Capacity:16 litres
Colours:Blue, red, black