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Camelbak Skyline LR 10


Camelbak Skyline LR 10 review


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Camelbak Skyline LR 10 has a 3L bladder and 7L of storage capacity and is the perfect size for trail riders who don’t need to carry everything with them.

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For the last few years Camelbak have been championing the low-slung reservoir as a means to get the weight of a pack low-down and therefore more stable in the rough stuff and less likely to bash you on the back of the head on steep drops.

camelbak skyline

The Crux LR bladder sits low on the back in a padded compartment accessed from the back panel. It has a big screw cap for easy filling and a plastic handle that slots into a loop in the pack to keep it in place. The hose attaches with a quick release and clips to the shoulder strap with a magnetic clip. The bite-valve is lockable to stop drips and is big enough to deliver great big swigs of water when you need it. Cinch-straps in the hip belt can be tightened as water-load goes down to keep the pack secure.

Inside the pack is a neat, ordered compartment with a soft-lined valuables pocket, straps for a pump and a neat tool roll that keeps all those loose items neatly secured in zipped pockets. There’s enough extra space in there for some sandwiches if you need, too. Outside is an expandable stuff pocket to take a jacket and small pockets on the hip belt, one zipped that is ideal for keys and another, elasticated, that would be good for bars or gels. Small hooks and extra straps allow for a helmet or armour to be carried too.

camelbak skyline

On the bike the pack is really comfortable – you barely know it’s there. Broad straps spread the load perfectly and securely – it doesn’t bounce around, even on some really rocky trails with a full load of water on board. Build quality is top notch, too.

The Camelbak feels like a thoroughly modern design with every part of it being designed to optimise its performance, it being a joy to use and to wear. The Skyline takes the honours for being comfortable, secure, well made and nicely organised inside.

Review by Ben Smith


Bladder:3 litres
Storage:7 litres
Colours:Blue/yellow, red/blue, black/orange