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Camelbak Skyline


Camelbak Skyline LR 10


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MBR Editor’s Chocie 2019: Camelbak Skyline LR10 hydration pack, £114.99

Included in our Editor’s Choice last year, Camelbak’s Syline LR10 had a few updates for 2019 and that was enough to earn it another 10/10 rating. The beauty of this pack is that the bulk of the weight rests on the hips, hence the LR for Low Rider, and this makes it super-comfortable and absolutely rock-solid when weaving through tree-lined singletrack. There’s an excellent three-litre bladder, enough capacity for all essentials and a neat tool-roll that eliminates having to rummage around in the bottom for a tyre lever when it’s cold and can’t feel your fingers.

Camelbak Skyline LR 10 review

Camelbak Skyline LR 10 has a 3L bladder and 7L of storage capacity and is the perfect size for trail riders who don’t need to carry everything with them.

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The mesh material of the strap is one of the key changes to the pack. The way the contents are packaged is another, this new pack is a little more squat than the old one but much of the slack in the design has been taken out – where there was a little bit of movement detectable in the old design this one is rock solid. The way that the 3-litre bladder is accessed has also changed, instead of the back panel zipping open to get to the bladder you now have to unclip one of the clips on the overflow pocket and undo a zip to access a pocket. Although it’s much fiddlier to access it means that the back panel now features raised pads to increase ventilation and comfort.

Storage space is plentiful enough for most days out and is well organized, with pockets on the waist strap, a soft lined pocket for glasses or your phone and well as pockets within the main compartment to keep things tidy. The neat little tool roll remains and is still a nice touch and a great way to keep those small things like spare chain links or CO2 cartridges safe. An extendable overflow pocket at the rear is big enough for a jacket and there are straps to carry a helmet or pads if needed.

The changes over the old model are only small but they’re all incremental improvements – in use the pack is still super comfortable and stable, the low-rider design means it never even comes close to hitting the back of your helmet no matter how steep and rough the terrain, the cinch straps, sternum strap and big waist strap keep the pack locked tight to your body and the big bite valve and magnetic hose attachment deliver big gulps of water really easily and quickly. The best just got better.


Capacity:7l storage, 3l bladder
Colours:Gibraltar navy/sage grey, shadow grey/black