"It's been worth every penny". Reader review by Rob Symes.

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MET Parabellum helmet


MET Parabellum helmet review


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The MET Parabellum Helmet is designed to offer coverage extending down the back of the skull. A modern trail lid from one of the biggest names in helmets.

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Reader review by Rob Symes | XC/Trail/Enduro/Gravity rider
Instagram: @beers_gears_and_no_idea

How long have you had the helmet?

Two years.

How is the padding? Is it adjustable? Does it come with spare pads?

Silicone front pad is amazing, adjustable but no spare pads

How well does the venting perform?

The venting is perfect. I’ve never had an issue or even thought about it twice.

How comfortable and secure is the retention device?

My only gripe is the rear adjuster, if you’re wearing a lot of heavy winter gear that rides up to protect the back of your neck then it can flick the adjuster and the helmet comes loose, but still that’s one out of in 100 rides that this happens.

Tell us about the features. Is the peak a suitable length? Is it adjustable or fixed? Does the helmet accept goggle straps? Is it a MIPS helmet or offer similar rotational protection?

The peak is great and lightly adjustable. There is no specific goggle system but I can get goggles under the peak and the strap has always felt secure. The helmet is not MIPS or rotational protected.

What sort of riding does this helmet work best in? XC racing, trail riding, enduro, downhill etc.

I would suggest this is more an XC/Trail helmet. It’s very lightweight and designed for someone who wants peak performance as well as someone who doesn’t want a stinky sweaty helmet (thanks to that silicone front pad).

Aesthetics. Does the helmet look good or goofy?

As good as you can look in a helmet I guess!?

How is the sizing of the helmet – ie round heads, square heads, tall heads etc.

Well, I’ve only ever put it on myself and to be fair, fits me well with a round large-ish head.

Durability. How well has the helmet stood up to use?

It’s been brilliant. I’ve never tested it to its extremes but I’m very chuffed with the longevity of everything.

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It's an expensive helmet but it's been worth every penny, i'd highly recommend if you want something lightweight and without those nasty foam pads on your forehead which basically just collect sweat, go for this helmet with its silicone forehead piece. Rating: 9/10


Compatibility:MET USB LED light
Accessories:Removable onboard-camera support
Be seen:Reflective rear sticker
Comfort:Gel front pad and Coolmax anti-allergenic intrior padding. Hand washable.
Fit system:Safe-T advanced
Straps and divider:Air-lite straps, anti-slip cam divider
Chin strap buckle:Anti-pinch buckle
Inner shell:Shock absorbing polystyrene
Outer shell construction:In-mould