Handlebar of choice of none other than Loic Bruni.

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joystick 8-bit alloy handlebar


Joystick 8-Bit Alloy handlebar review


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Joystick 8-Bit Alloy handlebar has been thrust into the limelight as it just so happens to be the handlebar of choice of none other than Loic Bruni.

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Billed as suitable for everything from All-Mountain to full on DH racing use this is a bar that can take the hits. Made from an unspecified aluminium alloy that Joystick are coining ‘8-Bit alloy’ it isn’t the lightest bar on the market but it certainly creates a solid base from which to hang your controls. The numbers for the 8-Bit are pretty bang-on with a measured 9 degree backsweep and 6 degree upsweep, making it feel very similar to many of our other favourites. You can, of course, cut them down to your preferred width and Joystick kindly provide markings to allow simple cutting down to 740mm if you so desire.

From the first pedal stroke to the first hit the 8-Bit is noticeably stiff with very little perceivable flex. Leading to a properly reassuring level of control, it really does help put the front wheel exactly where you want it. The rough anodised finish results in zero slippage, especially when mated to Joystick’s own Binary stem. The bold computer game inspired graphics might not be to everyone’s taste but certainly stand out and keep the theme running throughout Joystick’s component range. If black isn’t to your taste, the 8-Bit is also available in Platinum Grey (31.8mm diameter) and Silver in 35mm. It also weighs over twenty grams less than Joystick state according to our scales.


Colours:Black, Platinum grey, Silver
Diameters:31.8mm, 35mm
Back sweep:
Up sweep: