A downhill focussed bar that proves it's a bit of a chameleon

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Easton Havoc Carbon bar


Easton Havoc Carbon handlebar review

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Even though the Easton Havoc Carbon is a dedicated 800mm-wide downhill bar, which isn’t normally our bag, but we’ve decided to put it to the test because it’s light enough for trail use.

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To build sufficient stiffness into such a wide handlebar, Easton has increased the clamp diameter to 35mm.

It has also widened the central bulge compared to the 31.8mm standard Havoc bar, so cosmetically it is a bit ugly. It does work though; the bar is bomber-solid.

The smooth carbon finish is ultra hardwearing but we did have issues getting the brake levers tight; with such a hard surface there’s very little for them to grip to.

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The Easton Havoc Carbon is slightly heavier than a pure trail bar might be, but the reason it still bags a nine out of ten, and remains one of our favourite bars, is simply down to the quality of the ride-feel.


Weight:231 grams