The Race Face Half Nelson has been our favourite grip for a long while. This time we've decided it needs some improvement

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Race Face Half Nelson


Race Face Half Nelson review


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The Race Face Half Nelson is an award-winning grip, tested twice previously in the magazine, and each time getting 10 out of 10. It is a slim grip at only 28mm diameter, and is well-padded with an incredible amount of feel.

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The Race Face Half Nelson is perfect with gloves on and even better with bare hands.

However, it could be improved. Race Face needs to close over the outer end, or run a better protective end-cap than the plastic plugs provided. This would stop dirt from working its way beneath the rubber causing it to split — which has happened here. The grips can also move under really hard efforts, especially on some carbon bars.

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Until Race Face makes the Half Nelson more durable, it’s going to be a nine from now on.

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Weight:87 grams
Diameter:28 mm
Length:133 mm