15 durometer rubber feels amazing riding with bare hands

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Nukeproof Sam Hill Series Grip


Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature grip review


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What you can’t tell from the picture but this grip uses a 15 durometer Kraton rubber which feels really grippy in your palm. Wear rate is high but this grip feels amazing riding with bare hands.

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Since every Pro rider has a custom grip it’s no surprise to see a Sam Hill Signature design. What is surprising is the old-school file pattern with only a couple of waffle squares underneath to enhance wet weather purchase – overall it’s not particularly ground breaking.

Rather than a single collar, the Signature uses twin collars but the fixing bolts all face the same way for ease of installation and the end caps are built into the outer clamps. This way youu won’t lose them and they’ll offer greater protection for the bar.

For the money, this is an amazing grip but it is a little bit fat. The oversized 32mm diameter is great is you have big hands but for average hand sizes we’d like to see a slimmer, 30mm option.