Stickier version of a much-loved modern classic grip

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Ergon GE1 EVO Factory grips


Ergon GE1 EVO Factory grips


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MBR Editor’s Choice 2019: Ergon GE1 Evo Factory grips, £34.99

Ergon GE1 EVO Factory grips review

The aim of the updated Ergon GE1 EVO Factory grips was to amplify the rider’s grip on the handlebars while reducing the required holding strength.

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Ergon GE1 grips allow you to exactly tune bar sweep and roll for perfect hand position and have been my first choice for years now. The design works because the grip barrel is slightly twisted and thicker at the end, so rotating it changes orientation slightly. This design is partly for comfort, and also to encourage a ‘broad shoulders’, attacking riding position.

One concern with this update was the interior plastic liner shell has lost the cut out that places more rubber under the heel of your hand directly connected to the bar for better damping and isolation. However, since the textured fins on the rubber feels more cushioned now anyway, and the compound has perfect firmness, it all balances out nicely and bar feel is still great. So, with no irritating clamp protrusions on the end in the locking mechanism, these are still my favourite grips that last ages, and they’re even grippier when it’s damp now too. The price is high, but they’re worth it.


Colours:Black, day-glo, orange