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Chromag Palmskin


Chromag Palmskin grip review


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Chromag Palmskin is designed for glove-less riders. Ribbed mushroom surface deforms when grabbed, and the ridges channel moisture away.

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If you’re a rider for whom gloves are an alien concept. Or use the thinnest gloves you can find. Then the Palmskin is possibly the best option we’ve tested. Chromag has developed it to provide a soft and supple hand feel that caresses the skin rather than rip chunks out with chunky patterns.

The simple longitudinal ribbing has a wavy pattern that clamps to the hand no matter the direction you twist. It helps with water and mud shedding too, a quick squeeze and it all disperses rapidly.

Interestingly, despite its wafer thin looks, the Palmskin turned out to be one of the most comfortable grips on the test. That ribbing allows the hand to float above the handlebar a little better than most of the others.

It’s also the lightest grip on test at just over 100 grams. What makes this even more extraordinary is it comes with double alloy collars. The outer end cap creates a neat, teardrop style bar end. The only issue being it likes to hold onto mud more than a full bar end.


Weight:101 grams
Colours:Grey/red, black, blue/black
Length:137mm total, 120mm grip