Works well in the wet, even bare-handed

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Burgtec Bartender Pro grips


Burgtec Bartender Pro grip review


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This is a Greg Minnaar signature version of the Burgtec Bartender grip and the ‘Pro’ features include a custom ribbed surface pattern, soft 25A rubber and the great man’s signature on the locking collars.

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Like a lot of single-clamp grips, the Bartender Pro has a tapered core for a more secure fit but you will need to be firm when fitting because we found the grip doesn’t always slide completely on. With its soft rubber the Pro offers tons of cushioning but it feels big in the hand. It works well in the wet, even bare-handed, and is one of the few grips you can ride over the ends without it putting your hands to sleep. Top marks for the symmetrical clamps – the bolt heads face the same way – and eight lush colourways.