Giant's Transfer is a lightweight design with stealthy, understated looks. It's also well priced. So how does it stack up against the benchmark trail gloves in our groupset and go-to staff favourites?

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Score 6

Giant Transfer Glove


  • Lightweight. Low-key looks. WireTap tech on thumb and forefinger. Microfibre sweat pad. Well priced


  • Fragile material. Not the best fit


Giant Transfer glove review


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The Giant Transfer is a lot like the TSG Slim in terms of construction, weight and ride feel. The back uses a lightweight stretchy mesh fabric that Giant says has TransTextura technology (a sort of mechanical texture) to help wick away moisture and speed up drying. It does work, but the material feels fragile, and is sporting a few cuts where we’ve snagged the glove in the brambles.

The single-layer palm is equally lightweight, and is fully perforated. There’s a little bit of extra reinforcement in the grip area, but it’s a pretty loose fit, and there’s quite a lot of bunching in the palm. The fingers have spandex fourchettes, but again they don’t sit straight and are loose at the fingertip.

Giant Transfer Glove

The Transfer glove uses a pleasingly simple and lightweight palm design

To mop up sweat, the Transfer has a large fleece microfibre thumb insert, but you can also use the back, because it’s pretty soft against skin and it does dry really quickly. Both the thumb and forefingers get WireTap Touch technology, but there’s no silicone on the fingertips to aid braking traction.


The Transfer is incredibly lightweight and easy to pull on. It’s also good value and we quite like the stealth black, but there’s a lack of sizes, it sits too low at the cuff, and it just feels loose and baggy in all the wrong places.


Weight:34g (pair)