Fist Handwear ranges its gloves in Chapters and then colours. This is the lightweight Chapter 21, and the colour is the brand new and totally over-the-top Ride High.

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Score 8

Fist Handwear Chapter 21


  • Warm and comfortable. Loads of colour and print options. Wide range of sizes


  • Palm wears quickly. Finger fit needs improving


Fist Handwear Chapter 21 glove review


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The Fist Handwear is built using a sublimated four-way stretch fabric with Spandex finger gussets and a single-layer Clarino palm. It’s not the lightest or the best-vented glove here, but it is warmer than most, making it good even for winter rides.

The fit is a little basic – there’s not a lot of shaping in the fingers, and they also don’t sit straight. The palms bunched slightly when grabbing the grips, and after only one ride they were already showing signs of wear. On the flip side (literally), the fit on the back is tight and it has a solid Velcro strap that anchors discretely underneath the wrist.

Fist Handwear Chapter 21 Glove

Fist doesn’t hang back with its prints and colours. Plenty of bold options with this trail glove

Both the thumb and forefinger are touch-screen conductive, and the Silicone finger printing adds a bit of purchase when hauling on the anchors, but again that has started to peel off on our sample.

Fist Handwear Chapter 21 glove

Thumb and forefinger are touch-screen conductive on the Fist Handwear glove


You look at your gloves constantly when riding, so why not look at something nice? In that department, First Handwear gives you options, about two dozen of them. This is a warm and comfortable mitt, it could just do with a better fit at the finger and a slightly harder-wearing palm.


Weight:60g (pair)