Fasthouse is a new entry in our trail glove grouptest. With a moto pedigree how does this brand compare to our benchmark gloves and go-to favourites? We review and rate the Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8

Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster Glove


  • Touch Tech-ready on the forefinger and thumb. Well constructed and hard wearing. Plenty of armour


  • No sweat wipe. Not the best fitting glove on test


Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster glove review


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Not quite the master blaster, but with its EVA knuckle duster, this is definitely a glove for the trail warrior. It’s constructed from a four-way stretch ripstop material, has a reinforced thumb gusset, moulded neoprene cuff, and a heavy-duty wrist strap, so it never felt like it was in danger of falling off when riding. The strap is also anchored underneath the wrist, keeping it out of the way when slashing through overhanging ferns and bracken.

The fit of the Clarino palm is not quite as snug as the 100% Geometric, so it bunches up as you close your hand, but it is perforated for breathability. The fingers get expanding gussets to increase articulation, silicone patches to enhance traction, and the glove is Touch Tech-ready on the forefinger and thumb for those mid-ride selfies.

Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster glove

A deep cuff and well-ventilated palm are neat details

The glove lacks a sweat wipe, and while the ripstop material can act as a stand-in, it’s not kind to your skin. Blaster by name and blaster by nature – this is a glove for aggressive riding, short bursts at full tilt.

Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster glove

A moulded neoprene cuff and a heavy-duty wrist strap make for a secure fit


The Fasthouse Speed Style Blaster glove is more substantial than most and, while we don’t really see the point of protecting all of the knuckles, the Blaster is one of the best-constructed and hardest-wearing gloves on test, which does go some way to offsetting the high cost.


Weight:72g (pair)