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Altura One 80 G2 glove


Altura One 80 G2 glove review


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When it comes to gloves, less is definitely more, and Altura’s One 80 G2 is about as minimal as they come. What it doesn’t skimp on, however, is comfort. The perforated palm is thin and doesn’t bunch up in use. It’s sewn to a lightweight, breathable back and durability is impressive considering it’s a pull-on design. Hands down, the One 80 G2 is one of the best gloves on the market.

Comfortable, economical and unobtrusive, the Altura One 80 G2 glove gets two thumbs up from me.

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If you like a simple glove with minimal fuss and maximum feel, you’re spoilt for choice. Better still, the fewer the bells and whistles, the less you pay, on the whole.

For years now, Giro’s DND has been my favourite slim-line trail gauntlet, but even this lightweight design feels bulky and cumbersome compared to the slinky One 80.

3D patterning creates a palm that fits the contours of your hand exceptionally well, all but eliminating bunching. It’s mostly devoid of embellishment too, save for a lattice of perforations and a quartet of non-slip silicone slashes across the braking fingers for extra grip.

The stretchy mesh panel covering the back of the hand is equally unencumbered, meaning it’s supremely flexible and manages sweat in a wide range of temperatures.


Colours:Black/white, red/white