A water-resistant, soft-shell winter glove with a synthetic suede palm

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Alpinestars Aspen WR Pro gloves


Alpinestars Aspen WR Pro gloves review


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The Alpinestars Aspen WR Pro glove from Alpinestars is a water-resistant, soft-shell winter glove with a synthetic suede palm.

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I chose it specifically for the single-layer palm, since any padding or excessive thickness under my fingers reduces grip and feel, and diminishes control.

Build quality and stitching is good, so the Aspen’s tough enough that it won’t fall to pieces quickly. It’s also warmer and more water-resistant than my go-to cold-weather glove — the 100% Brisker — although it also eventually gets saturated on the wettest days just like its rival.

The Aspen has a much bulkier feel and less sensitivity at the grips than the benchmark Brisker, though. It’s reasonably dextrous, but with the softshell material extending a little into the gap between forefinger and thumb, excessive fabric at thumb and little fingertips, and also less flexible fingers, it simply isn’t as supple and dextrous when riding. Being toastier and offering better water resistance for the same money might swing it for some, but feel is king for me, so I’ll stick with the Brisker for now.


Sizes:S - XXL
Colours:Black, black/mid grey, black/red