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Hottest bikes of 2014: Mondraker Foxy R £2,799


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2014 Mondraker Foxy R

Forward Geometry democratised for 2014


They say: “Forward geometry evolved”


Mondraker Foxy R 2014 detail

30mm stem keeps steering quick and direct

Need to Know

  • Forward Geometry now standard on all Mondraker Foxy bikes
  • 30mm stems paired with 60mm longer front ends increase stability and agility
  • 140mm travel trail bike chassis redesigned with 650b wheels
  • New one-piece linkage improves stiffness

Forward geometry is arguably the most progressive development in frame design and bike sizing in years. It’s a theory that gives a kick up the arse to what has been a painfully slow evolution in mountain bike geometry, accelerating the trend towards longer wheelbases and shorter stems.

The theory basically boils down to chopping length off the stem and adding it to the front centre, pushing the front wheel further away but keeping the rider’s reach the same. Result? More responsive steering, thanks to the shorter stem, and better high-speed stability from the longer wheelbase.

Last year saw the release of the first XR Forward Geometry models. They were a radical step, with equally radical looks, and a big challenge for the mainstream market to get to grips with. For 2014 Mondraker is democratising the Forward Geometry concept, albeit in a diluted format. It now features on all models, but in place of the 10mm stems, there’s a 30mm unit that, not only gives a more conventional profile, but drastically reduces the handlebar height. In effect you’re getting a 2013 Foxy XR with a slightly steeper head angle, a longer stem and a wider range of price points and sizes.

There’s also a move to 650b wheels for the Foxy and Dune, but refreshingly this is a sidebar to Mondraker’s 2014 story. Equally, though, accommodating the larger wheels has given an opportunity for improvements to frame stiffness, particularly through the use of a new one-piece linkage. And for fans of Forward Geometry in its purest form, fear not; XR versions of the Foxy, Dune and Factor still figure prominently in the 2014 range.

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