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Disco Brakes Floating Rotor


Disco Brakes Floating Rotor review


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With its alloy spider, the Disco Brakes Floating Rotor will save up to 30g per wheel depending on what you’re taking off.

And at £25.91 it costs no more than a full steel disc.

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Saving unsprung weight is always a good thing. It means there’s less mass to move out of the way of bumps and your suspension works better as a result. but at £25.91 it costs no more than a full steel disc.

Although relatively minor, there are a couple of other advantages too. The spider is stiffer than steel, so it’s less likely to bend, and being aluminium should help it dissipate heat.

Here in the UK though, where long, fast, brake-cooking descents are few and far between, mostly the choice of anodised colours, silent running and great value ensure the Disco Brake is an attractive option for upgrade or replacement.


Weight:130g (180mm)
Colours:Black, blue, purple, gold, red, orange, white, green