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Bosch e-bike ABS brakes

Anti-lock braking has been pitched at mountain bikes before, but always skidded wide of the mark when it came to performance compared to the best disc brakes. Will the latest…

Magura MT5 eStop disc brake

We tested Magura’s mid-range MT5 disc brake back in the summer, but this is the new eStop version designed for e-bike use. The flip-flop composite lever and alloy caliper weigh…

Score 8

magura mt5

The Magura MT5 is the entry-level brake in the Magura range, but it shares some of the same components as the more expensive MT7, like the forged four-piston caliper and…

Score 7

magura mt7

Magura MT7 have a clearly defined bite point and maximum power. The new HC lever blade modulates the braking power as desired.