Keep your dignity intact and without offending anyone else in the car park

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The ChangeINbag deals with the age-old dilemma of undressing out of your mucky riding kit while keeping your dignity intact and without offending anyone else in the car park – not always a problem depending on the type of car park.

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The premise is simple – unzip the semi-circular bag, lay it on the floor, stand in the revealed changing tube, 
lift it up, zip it up and pull the drawstring snug around your neck. Now just wriggle out of your dirty kit and slip 
on your clean and dry clothes.

The size is generous, with more than enough room for my 183cm frame to duck in completely. In fact it’s voluminous enough that it unfortunately flaps about when getting your shirt off in the cold. Twin arm holes ensure a degree of dexterity when grabbing clean kit from the car and a wind and waterproof fabric provides protection in really 
bad weather.

When you’re finished, you can pack all of your dirty kit inside to keep your car as clean as possible. A mesh base makes it easy to hose it out and let it dry.

It’s a great idea, but my key concern is the inevitable transference of mud onto your nice clean kit, especially as you need to either keep your dirty kit inside or pass it out via an arm hole. A way around this would be to include a low-level flap to push dirty kit out, keeping the top half as clean as possible. It can also be a little tricky to undo the zip from the inside, so it would be great to see a reversible zip puller as an update to the design. The ChangeINbag is really good value, and for the simple reason that it keeps my pasty bits away from sensitive eyes, I’ll keep on using it.