Yep Uptimizer 3.0 dropper post can be bled from outside

Yep Uptimizer 3.0 dropper post can be bled from outside.

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Yep Uptimizer 3.0 features and main differences over competitors

Easy maintenance. The 3.0 is the only dropper post on the market who can be totally bleed from outside even without extracting the part from the frame. This procedure allows to eliminate air from the cartridge and add new oil into the system.

The seat post can be totally disassembled and serviced without special tools following the step by step procedure showed on tutorials.

The 3.0 unique patented oil cartridge is totally serviceable in a safe way because it doesn’t contain pressurised gas like the usual sealed cartridges you can found in other products.

It is possible to fine tune and personalise the dropper behaviour by:

  • Playing with air pressure (effect the extension speed).
  • Adding air volume spacers “tokens” ( to achieve more progressive or linear feel while you push the seat down).
  • Changing oil weight ( to get a faster or more controlled actuation).

You can lift the bike by the saddle and the post doesn’t extend.

Joystick remote can be actuated by thumb or index and doesn’t get damaged in case of crash because it doesn’t have a fix pivot.

Hydraulic system infinite travel (no fixed position).

Mechanical actuation, internal cable routing.

External air valve.

Travel options mm : 80/100/125/155/185.

Tube diameter 30.9 / 31.6.

Six colour options.

Competitive weight from 498 to 585g (according to model) + 27g remote.

Price € 420 with remote / syringe kit/ tokens/travel reduces and accessories.