Become the MacGuyver or B.A. Baracus of MTB.

Replace approximately £900 worth of useful but rarely used workshop tools with a DIY set that will only cost you about thirty quid or so.

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Bodge jobs covered in this video

  • Removing headset crown race
  • Installing headset crown race
  • Removing headset
  • Installing headset
  • Installing star fangled nut

Things you will need to get from B&Q or around the house

  • Hammer
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Cutlery knife
  • Saw
  • 40mm plumbing pipe
  • 25mm metal curtain pole
  • Threaded rod
  • 2 nuts
  • 2 washers
  • 2 spanners

Save money by making your own workshop tools.

Bike tools costs money and while it’s a false economy to scrimp on tools that you use regularly like Allen keys and the like, you can bodge together several major tools from some everyday hardware found in B&Q, Wickes or wherever.

Not only is this a cash saving exercise, it will saves time because it’s unlikely that your local bike shop will have a headset press and a rocket tool to sell you, or the workshop time available at the last minute to replace your knackered headset.

All the materials used here were bought from B&Q; they cost about 30 quid in total and made three sets of tools, which would have totalled around £900 for the real deal!

Obviously our ghetto tools aren’t of the same quality, but they will get the job done and for the money who cares?

A word of warning just make sure you take your time and avoid damaging something more precious, such as your frame or hand!