We have teamed up with SplashMaps to offer you the latest map innovation – free!


SplashMaps are award winning maps designed for mountain biking. They’re printed on a weatherproof, breathable fabric to survive bad weather and abuse and can be personalised just for you or your event.

Take them with you if it’s raining snowing windy or sunny; whatever the weather they’ll beat traditional paper and laminate maps in our default weather conditions and won’t smash or lose power like GPS!

A SplashMap weighs nothing and fits anywhere. It’s beautiful, durable and practical. It will take all the punishment you can give it and still keep you on track.

We are giving away their most popular Great Britain National Park Destinations. These maps clearly define the best tracks for mountain bikes with the essential detail to navigate by. There are 48 map areas including all of the national parks plus areas of MTB adventure.

For more information visit: splash-maps.com/shop.

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