Audi Nines shifting gear, as women invited to go big, at the German event

One of Europe’s most loved freeride events, is going even bigger this year.

The Audi Nines will again return to Hunsrück-Nahe quarry site, in Germany, for lots of flow, big air and trick progression – both literally and figuratively.

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Audi Nines stepping it up

Scheduled for the last weekend of August, what will make this year’s Audi Nines different, is the broader demographic of participation.

The invitees total 23 men and 6 women, which is a welcome boost for female freeriders. After the success of Red Bull’s Formation event earlier this year, Audi Nines is an opportunity for athletes to make this a breakthrough season for female freeriding.

New Zealand’s Veronique Sandler is stoked at getting to have a go at the famed German quarry jumps. “I’ve been a big fan of this event for many years, and I think having us ladies included in 2021 is huge! In my opinion, the format of a big session in a non-competitive environment is the perfect recipe for creativity and progression in women’s freeride.”

Wildcards still have a chance

The UK representation is strong, with seven men and a single woman, Joey Gough. Both the Sams (Reynolds and Pilgrim) will be attending. Brendan Fairclough too. And Kade Edwards, Sam Hodgson, Kaos Seagrave and Tom Instead completing the UK complement.

Beyond the man-made ramps, riders will be given access to new bits of the quarry, to shape even more adventurous lines than before.

Riders will spend four days sessioning the quarry jumps and flow lines. Expectations are high, for some inspiring freeride sessions.

Organizers are also keeping wildcard entries in hand, for a professional or two amateur riders, adjudged on video evidence, that can be submitted.

There will also be a single female video wildcard entry, for this year’s Audi Nines, with the closing date for video submission, being a week before the main event.