According to Bobo

Classic ways to spoil a bike ride. From shameless food borrowing to shame-free post-ride nudity in the car park via a bit of toilet humour.

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A highly amusing video from one of our favourite new discoveries on YouTube, Biking With Bobo. You may have seen his Night Riding For the First Time video recently.

1. Not being in shape

Bobo is clearly not that empathetic with newbie riders or riders who may find it a bit hard to keep fit amidst a hectic lifestyle.

2. No P.R.D.

P.R.D. stands for pre ride dump. And we’re not talking a trip to your friendly neighbourhood recycling centre here. Crude yes. We still smirked. Mostly out of recognition.

3. Wrecking

Crashing basically. Check out: 12 classic mountain bike crashes we’ve all had.

4. Not fuelling up

“Don’t be that guy who relies on everyone else for grub”. This is not so much a warning against how it will affect your ride as Bobo sounding off against those riders who come out ill-prepared and expect others to pick up the pieces.

5. The post ride change

Cobblers out in the car park. Just don’t do it.

Who is Biking With Bobo?

Biking With Bobo is one of the dozens – nay, hundreds – of entertaining mountain biking YouTubers out there in YouTubeland. His channel is well worth subscribing to.

He’s sort of like Seth’s Bike Hacks and The Singletrack Sampler – indeed he has done a couple of communal vids with those guys – but Bobo is a bit more, er… casual.

Bobo is almost accidentally (mildly) offensive in certain times but he doesn’t mean to be. He is refreshingly candid. And it’s best treated as part and parcel of his unpretentious, un-self-conscious outlook (and production values).