In case you've ever wondered whether to take insect spray to Scotland

The incredibly itchy looking video was posted up on Falkirk Outdoors Facebook page and shows a mountain biker literally covered in midge.

The biker is wearing a dense midge net over his head but is shown with bare hands. Well, we say bare hands, he’s pretty much wearing midge gloves!

You can just about hear the rider talking over the buzzing soundtrack of midges. “It’s a little bit midgey” he says in a comment that possibly ranks near the top of Understatement Of The Century.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 15.37.01

The exact location of the scene is unknown at the mo but it’s somewhere on the east side of the Cairngorms.

Summer in Scotland can be an exercise in midge control and avoidance. This video shows just how bad the midges are up there at the moment.

Midges numbers are up this year. This has been caused by the damp and warm conditions we’ve had during summer. Combined with a perfect (not)storm of minimal winds and a light perma covering of cloud.

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August is pretty much peak midge season. So chances are right now is the worst/best time for a number of years to out there with the midges. The midges have been going crazy.