Force your will upon the wildest trails with these new Michelin tyres.

The famous French tyre brand has transferred some of its downhill racing technology to trail and all mountain products.

Followers of all things Michelin and mountain biking will be familiar with the Force and Wild tyres. Both of these have benefitted from a redesigned for 2021 and now carry the AM2 designation.

Michelin’s updated Force and Wild tyres are available in two widths and both the industry standard wheel sizes: 27.5- and 29”. With the Force and Wild tyres targeted at trail and all mountain riders, casing sizes are generous, with a choice of either 2.4- or 2.6”.

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Big tyres with bold tread patterns

The Wild AM2 features a distinctly reshaped tread pattern borrowing the tall centre blocks from Michelin’s DH34 tyre, to deliver very secure braking in steep terrain or on loose surfaces. Another one of Michelin’s most aggressive downhill tyres, the DH22, provided the inspiration and technical validation for the Wild AM2’s shoulder tread blocks, with slight modifications to increase grip.

Although Michelin states that the Force and Wild AM2 can be used independently, as either front or rear tyres, it is clear that those wanting an ideal combination would run a Wild AM2 up front, paired with the faster rolling Force AM2 at the rear.

Beyond the Force and Wild AM2 have gained revised tread designs, Michelin’s engineers have also ensured these tyres are adequately robust. The company’s dual compound GUM-X rubber technology delivers a centre tread with greater durability, whilst the softer compound shoulder tread blocks are more responsive to rider input and respond to changing trail conditions.

Most of them are over 1000g

Puncture protection is provided by Michelin’s gravity shield technology, which comprises a high-density fibre within the casing that runs bead-to-bead. These new Michelin tyres are also constructed with a three-ply 60 TPI casing, with product planners at Michelin seeking that perfect compromise between sidewall toughness, without completely dulling trail feedback.

Both the Force and Wild AM2s have identical weight ratings. The 27.5 x 2.4” versions are 980g, with the 2.6s increasing to 1070g. Upsize to the 29 x 2.4” and you’ll be rolling a 1040g tyre, whilst riders seeking to ride the largest of Michelin’s new tyres, will be pushing an 1130g 29 x 2.6” Force or Wild AM2.

Pricing for the new Michelin Force and Wild AM2 rang starts at £47.99 and peaks at £54.99.