It's easier than you think to get your suspension dialled


You can change the feel and performance of your Fox shock using spacers — and here’s how.

If you’re blowing through your travel then a bigger spacer will reduce air volume. This will increase progressivity or ramp-up to add resistance and prevent bottom-out.
If you’re not getting full travel then switch to a smaller air spacer for a more linear spring curve (though check the sag is set correctly first).

What you need

  • Appropriate spacer kit (available from
  • Float fluid sachet
  • Allen keys
  1. Fox rear shock air spacer swap BUZZ 06Remove shock from frame and release all air pressure. It’s important to fully deflate the shock as the air sleeve can fire off violently. Unscrew the air sleeve (the fattest part away from dials with Fox sticker on) anti-clockwise by hand and slide off shock body. If it’s hard to turn, an old inner tube can help grip the sleeve. A gentle wiggle will pop it off the shock body. Keep the rubber sag indicator ring safe.
  2. Fox rear shock air spacer swap BUZZ 09Slide the black rubber bottom-out bumper and metal plate away from the eyelet assembly, and towards the square seal head. If your shock has one installed already, the air spacer is the white or black circular plastic disc with a slot cut out. Use a round-edged Allen key to gently pry free and remove it from the eyelet assembly.
  3. Fox rear shock air spacer swap BUZZ 11Choose the new spacer to install. Bigger volume will mean a more progressive spring curve. The spacer will snap into the eyelet assembly — ensure the hollowed-out face on the spacer is pointing up towards the seal head. Slide the metal plate and bottom-out bumper flush against the spacer.
  4. Fox rear shock air spacer swap BUZZ 13Check there is still grease on the sleeve threads and seals, and push the air sleeve back onto the shock body. Dribble 2cc of Float Fluid inside and hand-tighten back into the eyelet assembly.
  5. Fox rear shock air spacer swap BUZZ 14Reinstall the O-ring and shock into frame, inflate to correct sag and enjoy a more or less progressive ride quality. It’s possible to swap spacers with the shock installed on some frames once you know how to do it, but always remember to remove all air pressure.