Will we see them rebound at some point in the future?

The linkage fork pioneers cite “overwhelming effects of the coronavirus” as a key reason for their suspending (sorry!) all operations with immediate effect.

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Trust’s linkage forks had started out with something of a tricky reception from the MTB public. Partly due the quirky looks but – more significantly perhaps – also partly due to the large price tag. Knocking on for two grand for a suspension fork was always going to a hard sell in a market where most riders baulk at forks costing half that, albeit simpler telescopic ones.

But Trust stuck with it, and they won some fans and customers. The release of the Trust Shout fork saw some better reaction from both public and press. But enot everyone was convinced. You can read our review of the Trust Shout here.

06/04/20: Update from UK distributor Upgrade Bikes

“As UK distributor for TRUST we are gutted they have had to cease trading just when things were turning good for the brand.

Upgrade Bikes Ltd still represents TRUST for the UK and we have stock of MESSAGE (x10) and SHOUT (x12) forks available now.

We are making a new direct to consumer offer of £950 including vat and shipping for either a MESSAGE or SHOUT fork.

Sales enquiries can be directed to info@upgradebikes.co.uk or by calling 01403 711 611 x1 between 9am-4.30pm weekdays.

Needless to say there not be any more forks available after the current stock is sold.

We have a full back up on TRUST spare parts and our professional workshop is fully trained to support any TRUST forks in the UK for the long term.

We also have a number of SHOUT forks out on demo with dealers although the current COVID19 situation does not allow these to be accessed for test riding at this time.”

  • Rory Hitchens, Senior Brand Manager – Upgrade Bikes Ltd.

Trust Performance statement

We started Trust Performance in 2015 with a vision of building products that bring spirited outdoor athletes more fun and camaraderie. Our core focus from the outset was on reimagining and re-defining suspension technology; at first in mountain bikes with other industries thereafter. As you might imagine, our plans hinged on raising multiple rounds of capital to fuel our ambitions for incredible design, engineering, manufacturing and customer/dealer support.

2019 was a breakthrough year for Trust. We surpassed 1,000 units sold, we saw steep growth in dealer and distributor sales, and we saw four of our best-ever sales months at the end of the year. We had great momentum based on key demand metrics, brand awareness, and community enthusiasm.

But 2020 brought a number of unexpected factors, starting with the shut-down of key parts of our Asian supply chain following Chinese New Year due to coronavirus. In February, demand slowed considerably as macro fears about the economy started to rise. Then, finally, severe negativity in the investment markets shut down our ability to gain access to capital. This was at a point where we needed increased liquidity to carry us through a critical moment in our business. It all added up to a perfect storm that slammed right into us.

As a result of the overwhelming effects of the coronavirus and evaporated capital markets, it’s with incredible disappointment and a heavy heart that, effective immediately, Trust Performance is taking a pause and suspending operations until we address our capital needs. We are utterly and completely gutted. We have given every waking hour over the past few months to find a path forward, but to no avail. Trust Performance, like the rest of the world, will be a different company when life is back to normal.

For those who own a Trust fork and need service going forward, please contact Suspension Syndicate in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are trained and certified as a Trust Performance authorized service center.

We’re grateful for the community of people who encouraged and supported our unique design and innovative technology. In stepping away, we wish everyone health and safety. These trying times are a great reminder to make the most of the moment with those you enjoy most.