One decade later, one last chance

Here’s a bit more about the return of Trans-Provence 2019. Good news: it definitely is back. Bad news: it’s the last one… ever!

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Mavic Trans-Provence 2019 press release

16-21 June 2019


Born in 2009, set to a format that would become widely-known as Enduro.

It lived as week-long journey of on-sight racing; a years-long adventure of uncompromising originality and fresh terrain.

A life on trails, aspiring to inspire not just a race movement, but a yearning to ride bikes on awesome trails in big mountains.

After 9 editions, we felt we’d had a good run but that it was starting to feel like an album on repeat. So, in 2018, Trans-Provence stepped away for a while. To pay more attention to our kids, to think about the future, to reimmerse ourselves in the joy of trail discovery with less time pressure, with no strings attached. Our general conclusion was that things run their course; that the world doesn’t need our race forever.

However, owing to popular demand and our own inability to resist a good party, we are back in 2019 for one last Trans-Provence. One last celebration of what we always envisioned mountain biking to be about, set to the soundtrack of a whole fresh set of trails.

Ash Smith & Melissa Munro
Sospel, France
November 2018