The DH World Cup is back this weekend, and with it the irreverently funny headcam previews from Claudio Caluori — this is what we've been missing in our lives!

Lourdes in France hosts the first round of the 2015 World Cup, a new track and one that looks steep, rough and fast… as you can see from Claudio Caluori and Loïc Bruni’s video. Check out our full World Cup preview too, and find out why it’s worth watching, through the Red Bull Bike site on Sunday.

Claudio looks faster than ever, speaking and riding quickly enough to keep up with Loïc. He says what he sees, whooping with joy when he makes the massive gaps at the bottom of the track and shouting about how the “Frenchie” Loïc is riding away from him.

The course looks rough as hell, with sharp rocks nudging through the soil. It’s slippery clay most of the way down, so if it rains we could see some carnage. Happily enough, rain is indeed forecast.

Who will deal best with a track like this? A returning-to-form Sam Hill is hotly tipped, but our money’s on Josh Bryceland.