Five million barrels of oil under them thar hills

Surrey Hills sits on the fifth largest oil field in the UK and prospective drilling tests are set to begin next year. Will there be an oil rig atop Leith Hill in the near future?

Specifically, the area or and around Leith Hill is where Europa Oil & Gas (in conjunction with the UK government) are interested in digging and drilling around in.

There is an estimated five million barrels’ worth of oil under them thar hills. That is an awful of ‘black gold’. It’s worth an awful lot of money.

Europa Oil & Gas will apparently be attempting to horizontally drill using a rig that passes under Coldharbour Village. This on its own will entail cutting down a hectare of trees and constructing a lofty and highly visible drilling rig.

The Surrey Hills has a degree of protection because it is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but we all know about the allure of natural resources and money can  have. Just look at how the shale gas fracking scene is going apace in northern England despite the public’s and local council’s objections.

Local campaigners have set up a protest group on Facebook – Leith Hill Protection Camp. There’s also the Leith Hill Action Group fighting against the oil barons too.

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Surrey Hills are a popular spot for outdoor users in the south of England. We here at mbr ride – and test there – on a regular basis. It’s an invaluable green space in this part of the country.