We get sent a lot of videos from marketing departments. Most of them are a bit yeah-yeah-whatever but Bernard Kerr is always always watchable.

Why you should watch this vid

To remember when there was loam, not mud.

A manual-ing masterclass. Just so nice to watch.

Kerr throws in a brief but fun nose manual – his signature move?

The Pivot Mach 429 does look really nice – especially with those tan wall tyres.

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Tongue-out slomo makes us all feel better about our personal facial gurn habits.

The return of the Bubba Scrub! It’s like 2010 all over again.

The music by Athletic Mic League is less offensive to your ears than the usual MTB ‘edit’ fodder.

Bernard’s Jeep looks ace.

You can probably stop watching at 2m 33s as that’s when Bernard gets his motocross bike out and it’s not very interesting to be frank.

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Press release blather

Bernard Kerr took advantage of the break between the Southern Hemisphere events and the start of the World Cup season to get some time in at home in London. While there, he made sure to hit all his local riding spots:

“After an awesome time on the southern side of the world, getting back home to the UK before the World Cup season starts is an important re-set (and weather reality check)…it gets good quick when I turn up on my trail bike and dirt jumper…Surrey is just outside of London and has some of the most fun riding in the country…”

Trail: Peaslake / Surrey Hills.

Dirt Jumps: The Johnpound

Mach 429 Trail full suspension / Point dirt jumper