Snow fun

It may have snowed pretty heavily for the last couple of years, but don’t get complacent – snow is still a rare treat and should be enjoyed as much as possible while it’s around.

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It might not be back next year or the year after that, so take this chance to Just Get Out and Ride!

How to keep a cool head when all around are losing theirs…

We’ve been enjoying the combination of frozen ground, deep powder and deserted parks to explore the – normally too tame for real fun – woods and parks on our doorstep.

Nothing beats the pleasure of sliding around on the white stuff, sliding around sideways at the merest hint of back brake all safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a soft landing when the inevitable happens and you end up on your arse.

This is exactly what MTB’ing is all about.

Now if you’ve not done the sensible thing already, bunk off work and go riding – you might not get the chance to have this much fun on your doorstep for years to come.

Don’t waste this valuable opportunity!