Olympic course gets Annie's seal of approval


What does British rider and Olympic hopeful Annie Last think of the course at Hadleigh Farm? Find out in the June issue of mbr. Here’s a taster for now…

“The course felt really good, when you start doing full laps it flows well and fits together well — it’ll race really well,” she said. “The wider switchbacks are better for overtaking, really important in a race: you’ve got to be able to get past people to make a race. The extra rock garden will be great for the race and also as a spectacle for spectators.”

And what about World Cup courses, are they getting better and more challenging, we asked?

“The World Cup courses have changed a bit over the last few years, from the traditional XC style course. It’s good for races and spectators and it’s good to encourage different spectators in – not just the normal bike riding crowd, but the general public. How the courses are now really does make that easy.”