Anti-motocross intentions could have taken out any trail user

Barbed wire traps possible aimed at deterring motocross bikers are also a real danger to all other users of the plantation on the Salisbury Plain.

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Barbed wire strung between trees in a plantation on Salisbury Plain appears to be intended to take out unwanted motorcross riders but also has potential for seriously injuries cyclists and runners in the area.

The barbed wire hazard were discovered and reported to Wiltshire Police on Wednesday 16 May. The location of the barbed wire is reported as being close to Bravo Crossing in Netheravon. Wiltshire’s rural crime team have stated a concern that the barbed wire could have killed someone. They also state that the wire was strung there to specifically deter motocrossers who have been in the area recently.

Quoted on the Wiltshire 999s website PC Mark Jackson said: “The consequences of this act could have proved fatal had a motorcyclist collided with the barbed wire. This is not the first time such tactics have been used to try to target off roaders.

“The continued use by off-roaders in the woods, plantations and along tracks on Salisbury Plain is becoming a real cause for concern amongst other users of the plain, and while we appreciate this is causing tension, resorting to such methods is not acceptable and anyone caught placing items which may cause harm to other individuals can expect to be prosecuted accordingly.

“The majority of off-roaders respect Salisbury Plain and act lawfully within the Bylaws and Road Traffic Act. However, the small majority still continue to abuse the Plain and use areas which are not open to the public. I appeal to those individuals to stay out of the areas where public access is not granted. For your own safety, stick to the public rights of way.”

If anyone has any information regarding this incident please call the non-emergency police number 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.