Angled stakes and wires found near Vancouver

Less than two months after the sentencing of Tineke Kraal, trail sabotage has returned to Vancouver.

Whereas Kraal operated on North Shore trails, this new saboteur operates near Nanaimo, a small town across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver.

A woman discovered stakes in the ground angled at 45 degrees and wires strung at neck height across a trail near to a logging road about 13 km from the town on February 27. She removed all the obstacles and reported it to the Police.

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Constable Gary O’Brien, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told CHEK: “The fact is that if someone had hit that wire or fallen on the stakes they could have been seriously injured or it could even have caused death. Extremely disconcerting.”

Kraal was only caught thanks to the actions of riders last year. A couple of enterprising locals placed night-vision cameras in the forest to catch Kraal in the act. She placed between 10 and 40 traps a night for two years until she was arrested in January 2014.

She was sentenced to three years probation and 150 hours community service. Let’s hope that the current saboteur can be stopped or sentenced before somebody gets hurt.