The French pedal brand goes to SRAM, as TIME splits its businesses.

American mountain bike component specialist, SRAM, has added another esteemed brand to its portfolio.

The Chicago company will soon take ownership of French pedal brand, TIME. Since launching its first mountain bike pedal back in 1993, TIME has developed an ardent following.

Its pedals are celebrated for their superior float, allowing riders to make those necessary lateral foot adjustments, which are often the bane of traditional clipless pedals. For those with legacy ankle mobility issues, the ergonomic ‘float’ of TIME mountain bike pedals are a godsend.

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For SRAM this latest acquisition addresses an area where it has always ceded an advantage to its primary rival, Shimano. The Japanese company dominates mountain bike pedal demand with its SPD system, but increased R&D resources and innovative French industrial design, could enable SRAM to possibly shape TIME into a better rival than it has been.

More than merely pedalling SRAM along

Mountain bikers who also closely follow road cycling will know that TIME is more than a French pedal brand. The company was an early adopter of carbon-fibre frame technology for road bikes and markets an extensive range of premium framesets.

TIME’s pedal business is being bought from the current owner, Rossignol, by SRAM, whilst the road bike frame assets, have been purchased by the Cardinal Cycling Group.

With an existing mountain bike pedal portfolio that is no less than a dozen products strong, TIME will empower SRAM’s presence in a market segment where it has never outperformed expectations.

Although the transaction has been ratified, customers will still liaise with TIME for customer support, until the middle of this year. The new SRAM owned pedal entity will henceforth be known, officially, as TIME Sport.