The best mountain bike helmet is now at the best price we've ever seen it

The Troy Lee A3 isn’t just my favourite, it’s the go to helmet for all of us at mbr. Many’s the weekend you’ll find us pulling on an old A3 for a social ride, choosing it above all the rest. And with stylish good looks, sumptuous padding and amazing head protection it’s easy to see why it’s hands down the best mountain bike helmet out there.

This makes the sub-£100 deals we’ve found here pretty spectacular, given the retail price has crept up to over £200. We’ve gotten pretty used to killer deals this winter, as retailers look to off-load their overstocked warehouses, but there are signs it’s all coming to an end. There are undeniably fewer deals out there to pick from, so 65% off the coolest helmet around is not to be sniffed at.

Troy Lee Designs A3 | Save 64% at Merlin Cycles
Was £220, now £79
The Troy Lee A3 is the best open face helmet money can buy. And fortunately you need a lot less money to buy it right now – once the preserve of sponsored riders and dentists, it’s now not quite the silly money it once was.
Why should you buy it? Quite simply, the level of comfort is out of this world, the A3 is pretty much guaranteed to suite any head shape you’ll wear it all day without noticing. The protection is stellar too, with EPP and EPS and a MIPS liner. Read the full review of the Troy Lee A3.

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What makes the A3 so good? It’s a helmet you can put your trust in, with a co-moulded EPP and EPS shell designed to reduce the effect of impacts both fast and slow. There’s also a MIPS liner, and the extended rear and side protection is also good. 

The high level of protection is great then, but nothing the other helmet brands can’t do too. What puts the A3 head and shoulders above the rest is the level of cush on offer, the 360° height-adjustable retention system delivers the perfect balance between stability and comfort. Without exception, anyone who’s ridden in the A3 remarks how pleasant a place it is to be.

There is one slight problem in that the three killer deals we’ve found here are all in size small, meaning they’ll fit a head measuring 53-56cm. If you’re after a large or XL then the best deal in the offing is from Tredz, at a still spectacular £140.

There’s one more deal from Troy Lee out there that deserves shouting about right now, the brand’s budget helmet the Flowline MIPS is now even more wallet friendly at £41. It’s another triumph from TLD, super comfy to wear, with great protection and actually about 60g lighter than the same size A3. It’s a stunning looking helmet too.

Troy Lee Designs Flowline MIPS | Save 58% at Tredz 
Was £100, now £41.99
Troy Lee’s Flowline MIPS helmet might not get the swanky magnetic buckle of the A3, or the also-magnetic three-position visor, but it’s still a super safe place for your head, with a Virginia Tech five-star rating. It’s also supremely comfortable, and the best compliment we can say is that it’s completely forgettable – you won’t know you’re wearing it.  Read the full review of the Troy Lee Flowline MIPS.

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When I reviewed it last year I said there was only one slight problem with it – the Specialized Camber was a better budget lid at £70. Well, not anymore, this is the best entry level helmet you can get right now.