A sparkling selection

It’s Bonfire Night and that means we all get to celebrate the one time our Government did actually find weapons of mass destruction by lighting big fires and blowing things up.

Unlike most of the British public, mountain bikers don’t really need an excuse to get the pyrotechnics out but seeing as it’s November the fifth we thought we’d round up our favourite explosive edits for you to enjoy.

Sit well back from your screen though; we wouldn’t want your eyebrows getting singed.

Blake Samson – Bike Warfare

Now we’re very proud of our Pro Bike Checks but we’d never think to do anything like this. In Bike Warfare, Blake Samson has to rescue his Saracen ALX from a terrorist stronghold and then escape under enemy fire… Bru.

We love the originality of this and best of all, it sounds like there might be a part two on the way: Ariel Attack.

Revel in the Chaos – Utah section

Riding in Utah – hard.

Riding in Utah at night – harder.

Riding in Utah at night while jumping over burning trees – surely that’s impossible?

Well for most of us it probably would be, but Brandon Semenuk makes it look like a Sunday spin on his local loop. His riding never ceases to amaze us and this 3 minute clip pretty much redefines the word ‘rowdy’.

Ludo May – A Good Idea

You can guarantee a video entitled A Good Idea will almost certainly feature the opposite and this is no exception.

In his effort to get faster, Ludo May decided to strap some fireworks to his helmet and then rides through a course with more explosions than a Mad Max film. (Un)fortunately the idea never made it past the prototype stage – it mustn’t have been enduro enough.

Aurelien Fontenoy – Puy de Fou

One thing we thought we’d never see is a mountain biker riding through the middle of a medieval battlefield or the coliseum, but then the Internet is a wonderful place.

In this video Aurelien Fontenoy explores the French Puy de Fou theme park in all its historical glory. Not only are the story and backdrop totally unique but he displays some really impressive riding skills too

Ashes to Agassiz official trailer

Graham Aggasiz may come across as one of the mellowest riders around but it looks like he can turn on a wild side when he wants to.

This is the trailer for his official film and although some of the crashes alone measure high enough on the Richter scale to be included in this list, it also features him riding with enough fireworks to invade a small country.

Gusts Ošmucnieks – Fireworks

Here’s a video with twice the bangers of your normal dirt jumping edit. Gusts Osmucnieks takes over an abandoned skate park in Poland and shows off his tricks while surrounded by exploding firecrackers.