It seems that one-shot is the new black. First it was Brandon’s Semenuk’s eye-opening UnReal segment and now the Godziek brothers from Poland have followed suit.

The Godzieks have stepped it up another level though by bizarrely adding a live pianist and composer into the mix. We’re totally clueless as to what the pianist signifies but he certainly adds an epic gravitas to the brothers’ jumping skills.

Semenuk’s influence on this video is clear to see. The riders use one long tracking shot for the entire two minutes of action and they even copy Semenuk’s jumping-on-your-bike-while-doing-a-drop trick.

Szymon Godziek is a Red Bull sponsored dirt jumper who has honed his craft in European dirt jump competitions, he has even made the leap up to the Red Bull Rampage in previous years. Szymon was known for his progressive riding and was the first mountain biker to land a barspin cashroll.

Dawid Godziek began his career as a mountain biker like his brother but has now moved into the world of BMX freestyle where he is famous for big trick combos.

We do have one question to ask though, does this video mean that the Athertons now have competition for the crown of mountain biking’s most talented family?