You're not seeing double - Cannondale has updated the Habit. Now there are two versions, designed to suit the needs of every trail rider - the Habit and the Habit LT


The Cannondale Habit is back and its evolutionary path has branched. As well as the usual on-trend updates to geometry and suspension, riders have two choices of Habit. Choose between the Habit to suit the fast-and-light focussed rider, or the Habit LT with more travel for burlier trail terrain.

Given that MBR scored the previous version of the Cannondale Habit an impressive 9/10, and that the main criticism was the slack seat angle, we’re looking forward to putting these new versions through their paces since from this news it looks like Cannondale has solved some of the issues we had.

Need to know:

  • Updated frame geometry and suspension kinematics
  • 130/140mm Habit and 140/150mm Habit LT
  • Alloy or carbon-framed versions
  • 29er wheels (Size XS 27.5 wheels)
  • Sizes XS to XL

Cannondale Habit Ella riding mountain bike 2023

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, think of it like this. If you prefer your ride to be light, fun, flowy, poppy, playful and agile, go for the Cannondale Habit. If you like bigger terrain in your trail riding with steeper descents, chunky drops and jumps, and plenty of rough rocks and roots, then the Habit LT is the bike for you.

Frame and general geometry updates

Both the Habit and the Habit LT share the same frame geometry, and there are full carbon and full aluminium versions of both bikes.

Cannondale Habit Carbon 1 mountain bike 2023

The Cannondale Habit Carbon 1

The Habit is the fast, light and agile bike of the pair, with 130mm front travel and 140mm rear travel. The head angle has been slackened off from 66 degrees in the previous model to 65.5 degrees in this new version. The seat tube angle has likewise been adjusted, steepened from 74.5 degrees to a thoroughly modern 77.5 degrees. Reach has also been extended by around 2cm, depending on size, while the seat tube itself has been shortened to allow for longer dropper seat post insertion, and lower standover.

Cannondale Habit Carbon LT mountain bike 2023

The Cannondale Habit Carbon LT 1

The Habit LT has, as the name suggests, more travel: 140mm front travel and 150mm rear travel. Thanks to the effect of fitting those longer forks, geometry correspondingly shifts with a 64.7 degree head angle and 77 degree seat angle.

Both bikes, since they’re based around the same frame, have the same rear shock eye-to-eye measurement.

It’s also worth noting that both versions of the Habit will be available in the XS size, which means that shorter riders will be catered for, something we’re glad to hear about. However, that size will come with smaller 27.5 wheels rather than 29ers.

Cannondale Habit 2023 action shot

Cannondale’s ‘Proportional Response’ geometry and suspension kinematics

‘Proportional Response’ is what Cannondale calls its approach to size-specific bike design, encompassing geometry and suspension kinematics.

Essentially, both the suspension kinematics and specific elements of bike geometry alter based on the bike size, in order to ensure that every rider, no matter their height or bike size preference, gets a similar ride experience in terms of braking, pedalling and bump absorption. Cannondale says this should mean that each size of the Habit feels like it was custom built for the rider, no matter the size.

Cannondale Habit 2023 suspension kinematics

The eye-to-eye shock mounting is the same in both the Habit and Habit LT

Specifically, kinematics are adjusted to suit the average centre of gravity for the rider of each bike size, while elements of geometry such as chainstay length, reach, stack, front-centre and rear-centre are also size specific.

This design approach will be used across all the carbon models, while in the aluminium models there are three kinematic sizes: one designed around XS, one designed around the S and M sizes, and one around the L and XL sizes.

Cannondale Habit 2023 mountain bike internal cable routing detail

In the carbon-framed versions, cables have tube-in-tube internal routing

So where’s the flip chip?

There isn’t one. Interestingly, Cannondale has opted not to go with adjustable geometry, instead opting for a bike that is, in its words, more ‘straighforward, simple and durable’.

Can I run it as a mullet?

Yes, the new Cannondale Habit can be run with mixed wheel size (presumeably apart from the XS size which is built around 27.5 wheels). To run either the Habit or Habit LT with mixed wheelsizes, you’ll need the mullet yoke which Cannondale has developed in collaboration with Cascade Designs, and is available from the Cannondale website.

Spec, tech and accessories

The good news for anyone who likes to do a little home maintence, or for the mechanics out there, is that Cannondale has opted for a threaded bottom bracket and UDH (universal deraileur hanger) which are much easier to work on. There’s also ‘industry standared’ headset and shock mounts, plus internal cable routing on the allow and carbon models, with full tube-in-tube on the carbon model.

Cannondale Habit 2023 on board storage

Run storage or a water bottle in this frame-mounted position

And a thoroughly modern trail bike wouldn’t be complete without some kind of on-board storage solution, which in the case of the Habit and the Habit LT is a bolt-on ‘StrapRack’ tool and stuff carrier, again available on carbon models.

The Habit comes with inline shocks, RockShox Pike or Recon forks, trail-ready wheel and tyre choice and 180mm brake rotors. The burlier Habit LT features a piggyback shock, RockShox Lyrik forks, wheels and tyres chosen to handle bigger terrain, and 20mm rotors for better stopping power on the steep stuff.

Cannondale Habit Alloy 3 mountain bike 2023

The Habit 3 alloy version – and it looks pretty damn good

There are 7 builds in total in the new Cannondale Habit range, though not all builds are available in all territories:

  • Cannondale Habit Carbon 1 – $5,550 / €5,499
  • Cannondale Habit Carbon 2 – $4,350 / €4,499
  • Cannondale Habit 3 (alloy) – $3,325 / £2,950 / €3,699
  • Cannondale Habit 4 (alloy) – $2,300 / £2,100 / €2,499
  • Cannondale Habit LT ULT – £7,250
  • Cannondale Habit Carbon LT 1 – $5,550 / £4,750 / €5,999
  • Cannondale LT 2 (alloy) – $3,625 / £3,500 / €3,699